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Flame-Free Politics

August 10th, 2012

Understatement of the Year @ 05:08 pm

“Look, the man’s not perfect," - Spike Lee, on being asked whether Obama had kept his promises.

Politico reports that Lee's opinion is that expectations of Obama were "way too high."

Now that is much closer to reality. Those who voted for him, at least, expected him to keep his promise to do away with waterboarding instead of signing an executive order that says waterboarding is OK if he approves it.

They expected him to keep his promise to bring a "new era of bipartisanship" to Washington, instead of spending three years blaming Bush for everything and countering Republican proposals with "I won."

They expected him to keep his promise to refrain from hiring lobbyists (". . . when I am President, they won't find a job in my White House.") instead of packing his cabinet and staff with lobbyists.

They expected him to keep his promise of "net spending, pay as you go" instead of adding five trillion dollars to the deficit.

They expected him to keep his promise to bring transparency to Washington, instead of conducting secret meetings and trying to hide the White House visitors log from the news media.

They expected him to keep his promise to post legislation on a White House site for five days before signing it, so the public could examine it and comment.

All of these promises and more he simply abandoned without comment on day one of his administration. Having gotten what he wanted - to be elected - he considered the promises no longer relevant.

It is difficult to know which of these promises he treated more scornfully.
I guess my personal choice would be the promise about allowing the public to comment on legislation before he signed it, and the best example would be ObamaCare, which he signed without even reading it himself, without the House members having read it, without the Senate members having read it, and in fact without anyone in the entire world having read it, since it was still being cobbled together at the time of signing.

Yes, Spike, expecting Obama to keep his promises was raising the bar "way too high," and yes again, Obama is "not perfect."
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Flame-Free Politics