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Flame-Free Politics

November 15th, 2012

Election Fallout @ 11:59 pm

For a few days I relaxed. I told friends, "I'm taking the election results with remarkable equanimity." They agreed.

But I have come to realize that it wasn't equanimity at all. It was - is - despair.

At grammar school I was taught that when I was old enough to vote I should vote in accordance with what I thought best for the country, not in accordance with what would bring *me* the most benefit. This I have done.

At home I was taught to do the right thing, always, no matter the cost. This I have done, mostly. In the end the personal cost was great, crippling even, financially. However, I would make no different choice today.

I served nine years, eight months, and five days in the United States Army, leaving as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) with an honorable discharge. In 1966 I volunteered for and served in Vietnam. As a REMF, though, nothing heroic.

When I returned to Massachusetts and civilian life in 1968, I was eligible for a $300 benefit from that state for my Vietnam service. I declined to take it.

Working in a series of private sector jobs, I took several principled stands that might have gotten me fired, but somehow didn't.

In 1983, as a vice president in a billion dollar corporation I refused to carry out a directive that would have hurt several people who worked for me, people who had given much more than their jobs required. I put my refusal in writing so my boss could see that he'd have no trouble firing me. He didn't do that, exactly. He abolished my area and told me I could look around to see if there was something I wanted to be vice pesident of. I told him to stuff it (we had been friends for years, and remained friends until he died, more than twenty years later), and resigned.

In 1991 I quit a $110,000 a year job, losing the salary and stock options. I had friends on the board of directors and friends in the ranks, and the former were screwing the latter. Directly and indirectly this cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars, but it is my view that in this world you oppose immorality or you become part of the problem.

Ultimately I was unemployed for nine months, and went $80,000 into the hole. During that time I sometimes used my credit cards to acquire money for someone worse off. One who comes to mind was a Chicago police officer whose wife had cancer and whose house had been destroyed by fire.

I mention these things not to say that I am a saint. I am far from that. I mention them as a small demonstration of my claim that I have done what I could for this country, both directly and indirectly, to make it a better country in which to live. Even with all its faults, the United States has been the country most helpful to the rest of the world. Without it, much of what we call the "free world" would not be free today.

Now it has been hijacked. No one can make a case that Barack Obama did even a passable job in his first term. The debt he created in those four years alone will *crush* future generations of Americans. Our foreign relationships are in tatters, our foreign "policy" incomprehensible. People voted for him for racial reasons or for what they personally hoped to get out of it - government handouts, the legalization of illegal immigration, etc. They do not worry about future generations or the future of the country.

We may have passed the tipping point, and the old and *good* America may be irrecoverable. It certainly won't be recovered in my lifetime or yours, nor in your children's lifetimes, and perhaps not even in their children's. We must now experience what England, France, even the European Union, are experiencing.

I have loved this country truly, but I am tired now and I no longer recognize it. It is not the country in which I grew up and it is not a lovable country.

Let them live in the country they have created. Let them see what they have done.

Let it burn.

November 5th, 2012

The Main Reason to Vote for Romney @ 06:49 pm

He's on our side.

October 27th, 2012

Benghazi @ 08:28 pm

The Ambassador was mortally injured and the Foreign Secretary was dead. No help was sent but twenty administrative personnel escaped while two SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, killed sixty - *sixty* - attackers before they too were killed.

Goddamn Barack Obama to Hell.

GodDAMN  him to Hell.

September 25th, 2012

Obama and the Big Lie @ 11:18 am

Barack Obama, President of the United States, has lowered himself to the level of Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi regime in Germany, who believed that no lie was so big that it couldn't be believed.

Speaking at the United Nations, he condemned equally the violence against Americans abroad and the video that he continues to claim instigated the violence.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that in Libya, for example, the video played no role in instigating the violence, he continues to believe - or perhaps pretend to believe - that it did. The Libyan government has said that it did not, that al-Quaeda was behind the attacks. Witnesses have said that there was no "demonstration," against the video or otherwise, but simply an assault on the embassy, not spontaneous but planned.

This President, who classifies the Fort Hood shootings as "workplace violence" rather than terrorism - have you heard of any other workplace violence during which a perpetrator shouted "Allahu akbar?" - cannot admit that there are Muslims who choose to wreak physical violence against the United States. It would put the lie to his pronouncements that *he* would make America more respected throughout the world.

Let us hope that in a few weeks American voters return this spineless, self-centered, empty suit to private life.

September 13th, 2012

JImmy Carter and Delusion @ 06:57 pm

Fox News reports that while speaking of Egypt's new President, Mohamed Morsi, "Carter said Egypt's president is dedicated to peace and truly a democratic government."

Does any non-delusional adult think that an Egyptian President from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood would support the idea of a truly democratic government in Egypt?

August 10th, 2012

Understatement of the Year @ 05:08 pm

“Look, the man’s not perfect," - Spike Lee, on being asked whether Obama had kept his promises.

Politico reports that Lee's opinion is that expectations of Obama were "way too high."

Now that is much closer to reality. Those who voted for him, at least, expected him to keep his promise to do away with waterboarding instead of signing an executive order that says waterboarding is OK if he approves it.

They expected him to keep his promise to bring a "new era of bipartisanship" to Washington, instead of spending three years blaming Bush for everything and countering Republican proposals with "I won."

They expected him to keep his promise to refrain from hiring lobbyists (". . . when I am President, they won't find a job in my White House.") instead of packing his cabinet and staff with lobbyists.

They expected him to keep his promise of "net spending, pay as you go" instead of adding five trillion dollars to the deficit.

They expected him to keep his promise to bring transparency to Washington, instead of conducting secret meetings and trying to hide the White House visitors log from the news media.

They expected him to keep his promise to post legislation on a White House site for five days before signing it, so the public could examine it and comment.

All of these promises and more he simply abandoned without comment on day one of his administration. Having gotten what he wanted - to be elected - he considered the promises no longer relevant.

It is difficult to know which of these promises he treated more scornfully.
I guess my personal choice would be the promise about allowing the public to comment on legislation before he signed it, and the best example would be ObamaCare, which he signed without even reading it himself, without the House members having read it, without the Senate members having read it, and in fact without anyone in the entire world having read it, since it was still being cobbled together at the time of signing.

Yes, Spike, expecting Obama to keep his promises was raising the bar "way too high," and yes again, Obama is "not perfect."

July 17th, 2012

Best Line of the Day @ 04:55 pm

Kiss 96.1 has a story about a plane flying a banner over Penn State. Referring to the statue of Joe Paterno outside the football stadium, the banner reads "Take the statue down or we will."

Commenter Tom Pandrok posted "Just turn the statue around so that Joe can continue to look the other way."

June 22nd, 2012

Jerry Sandusky @ 10:01 pm

That's 23 of 'em. He was convicted on 45 of 48 counts.


June 21st, 2012

Pedophile Won't Have to Register @ 12:57 am

47-year-old Jesus Mora Flores won't have to worry about registering as a sex offender because he is dead. D-E-D dead, as we used to say at the club. He died with all the dignity he deserved, which is to say with his pants and underwear down around his ankles.

While molesting a 5 year old girl, Flores was caught in the act by the girl's father, who beat him to death with his fists. The girl was taken to a hospital, where the molestation was confirmed.

A Lavoca County, Texas grand jury declined to indict the father. Alas, grand juries do not have the power to award medals.

June 17th, 2012

Bill Maher Plays the Race Card @ 11:51 pm

The Daily Caller reports that the loony lefty Bill Maher has decided that Matt Drudge is responsible for racism in America. Maher says “The problem with racism is Matt Drudge,” His evidence? Six pictures of black men which appeared on drudgereport.com in April of this year. The pictures are of:

1, Mike Tyson, in connection with his professed disgust that George Zimmerman had not yet been shot. Maher describes the photo as making Tyson look like "he's going to eat your head." Have you seen Mike Tyson lately, with his missing teeth and his head all tattooed up? He always looks like he's going to eat your head. When he's smiling he looks like he's happy at the thought of eating your head.

2. "Louis Farrakhan — because he’s so relevant now." Umm, well, it's at least debatable that he was relevant when he praised Pat Buchanan.

3. ". . . Marion Barry, he’s in the news also." Well, he was in the news, yes sir, practicing the sort of racism Maher does not publicly object to, saying (he is a city councilman) that Asian-American businessmen in Washington should be replaced by blacks.

4. "Reverend Wright, because he matters to your life so much." Wright was at the time ranting about white supremacy and attacking Clarence Thomas. I don't know how you pair those two subjects up, but there it is.

5. The racist Al Sharpton, whose ring was being kissed by Attorney General Eric Holder, as it is by all liberals in politics at the national level.

6. Michael Jordan in a story about his basketball team, the hapless Charlotte Bobcats.

That's it. That's Maher's evidence of Matt Drudge's racism. Over a period of a month and amid hundreds of story headlines and pictures, Drudge ran pictures of six blacks who were - this is not disputable - in the news.

The problem with racism is Matt Drudge? I don't think so, but I can tell you this: The problem with intellectual cholesterol is Bill Maher and his ilk.

Flame-Free Politics