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June 17th, 2012

Bill Maher Plays the Race Card @ 11:51 pm

The Daily Caller reports that the loony lefty Bill Maher has decided that Matt Drudge is responsible for racism in America. Maher says “The problem with racism is Matt Drudge,” His evidence? Six pictures of black men which appeared on drudgereport.com in April of this year. The pictures are of:

1, Mike Tyson, in connection with his professed disgust that George Zimmerman had not yet been shot. Maher describes the photo as making Tyson look like "he's going to eat your head." Have you seen Mike Tyson lately, with his missing teeth and his head all tattooed up? He always looks like he's going to eat your head. When he's smiling he looks like he's happy at the thought of eating your head.

2. "Louis Farrakhan — because he’s so relevant now." Umm, well, it's at least debatable that he was relevant when he praised Pat Buchanan.

3. ". . . Marion Barry, he’s in the news also." Well, he was in the news, yes sir, practicing the sort of racism Maher does not publicly object to, saying (he is a city councilman) that Asian-American businessmen in Washington should be replaced by blacks.

4. "Reverend Wright, because he matters to your life so much." Wright was at the time ranting about white supremacy and attacking Clarence Thomas. I don't know how you pair those two subjects up, but there it is.

5. The racist Al Sharpton, whose ring was being kissed by Attorney General Eric Holder, as it is by all liberals in politics at the national level.

6. Michael Jordan in a story about his basketball team, the hapless Charlotte Bobcats.

That's it. That's Maher's evidence of Matt Drudge's racism. Over a period of a month and amid hundreds of story headlines and pictures, Drudge ran pictures of six blacks who were - this is not disputable - in the news.

The problem with racism is Matt Drudge? I don't think so, but I can tell you this: The problem with intellectual cholesterol is Bill Maher and his ilk.
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